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Mrs. Harte's Spelling
Junester's School of Achievement
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Spelling List


1. Write each spelling word five times. (Due Daily)
2. Place the underlined words in alphabetical order. (Due Thurs.)

Spelling Sentences 15

1. As the dog prowled around the yard, I heard him growl and then howl.

2. That chowder has a foul smell and a sour taste.

3. I found my blouse and gown next to the shower door.
4. That mouse, I found under the towel, weighed 1 ounce.

5. Changing the vowel in a word allows you to make a new word.

6. The clown dusted the flower with flour trying to make snow.

7. The plow was very loud as it went along the ground.

8. The king had a frown on his mouth as he put on the crown.

9. He saw the coward jump from the tower and drown.

10. Did you see that cat pounce and bounce around the room.

11. He looks like a slouch in those brown trousers.

12. He was wrapped in a shroud and lying next to a trowel

13. Do you know who Little Sprout is?

Justin and Adan







A dictionary can checked out from Mrs. Aguilar. Look up the listed words and write down the complete definition. If the word has a number (#) following it, that is the number of the definition in the Silver school dictionary that you should copy. If there is no number, always use the first definition in the Grey school dictionary.

Dictionary for the week.

1. Look up each word and write the definition. (Due Wednesday)
2. Use the words in a sentence of your own. (Due Thursday)

  1. Dictionary Words

    1. chowder

    2. blouse

    3. coward

    4. vowel

    5. frown

    6. pounce

    7. slouch

    8. trousers

    9. shroud

    10. trowel

    Justin and Adan