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Junester's School of Achievement
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PHONICS - A complete course given daily and reinforced throughout the rest of the curriculum.

READING - Has been and continues to be the most necessary tool for inquiring minds and expanding learning.

MATHEMATICS - An individualy paced program that emphasizes mastery before advancement.

SPELLING - The practice of decoding words with phonics and activating the visual ares of the mind.

WRITING - Students are taught the art of communication using the written word. Imagination is encouraged.

HISTORY - Examines the issues of American history and government, as well as local history and issues.

SCIENCE - Fields include Astronomy, Environment and Earth Sciences.

ENGLISH - Develops the skills needed for writing, whether sentence, paragraph or essay level.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION - A variety of organized games and physical exercise.

BIBLE - A non-denominational study of the King James version of the Bible.

ONE-TO-ONE TUTORIAL - Focuses on the areas of difficulty of the individual student.

Areas of Concentration:

* Math
* Reading
* Phonics
* Spelling
* Writing

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We are dedicated to teaching a child as much as possible during each class. Our classrooms are an open and friendly setting that allow students to contribute.

Let us teach your child to read!